Immigration & Integration Services

Immigration and Integration Services

Our Immigration and Integration Program meets newly-arrived Liberian-immigrant families and individuals at their point of need when they arrived in this vast and complex country. Not only do our services benefit the newly arrivals directly, they also benefit their hosts indirectly by relieving some of the burden and stress of of helping the newly arrivals adjust to their new environment which can be challenging and difficulty for the hosts.


When Liberian-immigrant families and individuals arrive, we assist them with the following:

  • Food, Drinks, and other Donations
    We provide them with food, drinks, toiletries, clothing, and other items they need.
  • Documentation and paper work
    We help the hosts apply for official documents like Green cards, social security cards, state ID, and other document for the new arrivals. We assist in providing transportation to the hosts and the new arrivals to go to the offices concerned in obtaining these important document.
  • Employment
    Searching online, or looking in the community for jobs, and applying in-person or online can a daunting task or challenging activities for the hosts and the new arrivals who have no ideas where to start in most cases.
    Our staff provides assistance to the hosts and the new arrivals with the job-search process, finding the appropriate first jobs, the application process whether online or paper application, and preparing the applicants for their job interview. Our office also provides transportation to the job applicants for their job interviews and off-site employment physicals if the jobs require it. When the new employees start work, our office may provide daily transportation to and from work initially, if needed, until the employees can become independent or get transportation help from co-workers.
  • Driver’s License
    Our office provides assistance to the new arrivals in getting them ready to sit for their learner’s driving test on the computer at Motor Vehicle. We provide learning resources like the Driving Manual book, Sample knowledge Test questionnaire (100 questions) and other resources. We work with the new arrivals until they pass the test, then we assist with in learning to drive, practice sessions, and taking the road test.
  • Other Related Assistance
    We provide other assistance related to the new arrivals adjustment process like finding, accessing, and obtaining community and government services that the new arrivals may qualify for.

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