Education Training & Development Service

Education Training and Development Program

The program is designed to educate, train, develop, and equip Liberians and non-Liberians with marketable and work-related skills they can use to earn their living. We also teach leadership skills, life skills, and problem-solving skills that are required to survive in our complex and demanding environment.


When Liberian-immigrant families and individuals arrive, we assist them with the following:

  • Education
    We provide homework assistance to students, after-school program to children, and guidance for higher education
  • Training
    We assist qualified Liberians in paying for job-related training like home health aide, certified nurses’ assistants
  • Development
    We teach personal development skills, leadership skills, life skills and problem-solving skills to empower Liberians and non-Liberians to help them meet life’s challenges

We are the
Leading Liberian Organization
in the United States


Liberians In the Diaspora USA Inc