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Liberians in the Diaspora, USA Inc. has five (5) comprehensive programming areas that are designed to meet the needs of Liberians as they meet the challenges of settling, adjusting, integrating to, and living in this complex county, the United States, when they immigrate here. Our programs are intended to assist not only Liberians but also non-Liberians who may be in need of assistance. To achieve programming goals, we partner and work with other communities, policymakers, business and educational leaders.

Our Liberian Program

Liberia Relief and Development Fund (LRDF)

A diaspora community is a stakeholder community that represents a light to the nation that they left behind. With this understanding, we, Liberians in the global diaspora, beginning with the United States, are relief and development partners with the international community, existing Liberian government, and the Liberian people on the ground, in Liberia.

Realizing this solemn obligation and responsibility to the nation and the people we left behind, we have set up the Liberian Relief and Development fund. The fund serves as a vehicle for attracting the much-needed material, financial, human capital, political, social, and economic resources to Liberia, for the relief and development of the people and the nation that has been wrecked by bloody and destructive civil war, chronic destitute, and disease in the case of Ebola.

All Liberians living in the diaspora and registered with our nonprofit organization, makes a love-of- country contribution of financial, material, and others, to this fund. We realize that the development of Liberia rests mainly and primarily with us, Liberians and Liberian-Americans. Let us not be fooled. No one is responsible for the development of Liberia than Liberians, themselves. We should stop looking to others for the responsibility that is ours. They are not obligated to Liberia but to their own countries. We are obligated to Liberia. We should not overlook our collective financial power in the United States and world over. Please join us, every nickel, dime, or dollar counts in this effort.

Consider this scenario:
How many working Liberians are living in the United States?
Assuming that at least 100,000 working Liberians contribute $10 to the Fund each month
100,000 x $10 = $1,000,000.00 (that’s 1 million dollars a month)
$1,000,000.00 x 12 months= $12,000,000.00 (12 million dollars a year)( x 10 years = 120 million)
With this regular income, we can work with the other development partners to build healthcare infrastructure, agriculture system, improve the education, build roads and bridges, and provide transportation among development initiatives.
This is the mission of the Liberian Relief and Development Fund of Liberians in the Diaspora USA Inc., or LID. So, all Liberians, please join us in this effort to make this mission a reality to relieve the huge sufferings of our people and country.

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