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Liberians in the Diaspora, USA Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 and 509 (a) 2 nonprofit Liberian community organization founded and incorporated in Trenton, New Jersey, on May 8, 2015.

The Five Pillars of Our Mission

Liberians in the Diaspora, USA Inc. is a 501 (C) 3 and 509 (a) 2 nonprofit Liberian community organization founded and incorporated in Trenton, New Jersey, on May 8, 2015.


Unfortunately, Liberians in the US are not unified and have not been able to come together as one, under one umbrella for a central purpose. Liberian-immigrant community, unlike other immigrant communities does not have a strong, effective, and truly national organization that promotes their interests and helps them meet the challenges of living in the U S. Liberians in the Diaspora USA, Inc. (LID) is effectively filling in this void. We understand the need of our community and the challenges our people face here in America. Liberians have not been able to effectively unite because of poor leadership, corruption, self-dealing, lack of commitment and dedication to the cause, lack of vision, and lack of love for country and people. The Bible says, where there is no vision, the people perish. Liberians are, indeed, perishing in the United States because of lack of vision, corruption of their leaders, and lack of commitment and dedication on the part of their leaders and. Unlike our community, other communities have dedicated and committed leaders who are committed to the mission and vison of their communities. They effectively rallied their people around their vision and build effective community organizations that are responsive to the needs and aspirations of their people. They serve as effective mediators between their communities and the larger society championing the cause of their people and attracting much needed resources from the larger society for the use of their communities and people. We see other effective communities like Ghanaian, Nigerian, Indian, Chinese, Hispanics, Irish, Jewish, and many other effective community organizations working hard for their people. Who’s working hard for Liberians? Our people are struggling here in America. They don’t know whom to turn to when they are challenged. So, they give up in despair and suffer. Because our people suffer, our community suffers. Because our community suffers, Liberia suffers. The suffering of Liberia is felt back here as our people turn to us for help for everything. It is a visual cycle that keeps going round and round.

Re-engagement and Total Involvement:

Where are the highly educated Liberians with Ph.Ds, Masters Degrees? Where are the Liberian medical doctors, nurses, lawyers, accountants, economists, managers, business leaders and others? What is the purpose of one’s education? Unlike Americans and other nationals, Liberians do not understand the true purpose of their education. The true purpose of one’s education is four-fold: for the benefit of oneself and one’s family, for the benefit of one’s community that one belongs to or in which one lives, and for the benefit of the nation to which one belongs, and for the world, to make it a better place. One is blessed to have high education and to use that education not only to uplift oneself and one’s family. But to also look back, reach out, and give back their time, resources, efforts, expertise, and ideas to one’s community so that the unfortunate ones who were not opportune to have earned such education, can be helped out of their misery, pain and suffering. At the same time, one must reach out and give back their time, money, efforts, and ideas, and expertise to the larger society to make it prosperous and a better place to live. We see others in America doing just that. Their education gives them the wisdom and understanding to look back and give back. The more education they get, the more they come into the fold. But, as for Liberians, the more education they get, the more they go away from the fold and not wanting to be bothered with the challenges of their fellow Liberians and their country Liberia, except in the case of Liberia, where they go and take up government positions in Liberia, not to help the nation but to rob it off much needed money. Look around, you will find educated Jewish, Spanish, Nigerians, Ghanaians, other African nationals, Chinese, Indians, Irish and others, reaching back and building their community organizations to help uplift their people, empower them as they compete with other communities for scarce economic resources. What are highly educated Liberians doing? Nothing! They are not community-oriented. They lack the ability to appreciate the true meaning of their education and are very selfish. Their education is only for them and their families alone. Liberians in the Diaspora USA, Inc. challenges all highly educated Liberians and all Liberians, no matter your educational level, to become community-oriented, take your rightful place in our organization to help us bring our people together to help them, to development the youth in terms of leadership through mentorship and use our education for the common good. That’s God’s purpose for us. Use your education, not only for yourselves and your families but also for those in need around you. That’s doing God’s work.

Re-branding Our Image

Our image, as a community of Liberian immigrants and Liberian-Americans, is not favorable or not where we want it to be. We do not have a well-functioning and effective national community organization. We also do not have established infrastructure, platforms, systems, tools, and institutions in place like other communities. As individuals and families, we made a great stride, but as a community or a people, we continue to stagnate. As a result, we are not taken seriously by other communities, business leaders, or policymakers. For example, we support businesses in our communities in which we live by buying from these businesses. But these businesses do not contribute financially to our Liberian community. They do not make donations to our community. Because We do not speak with one voice, do have a platform on which to stand to be visible. As a result, they do not see us. To them, we do not exist. Another example is with policymakers. Our people vote for politicians and policymakers but we get nothing back from these elected officials, whether local, state, or federal. Why not? Because they do not see us. We are not on a platform to be visible like other communities including Hispanics, Jewish, Irish, Chinese, Ghanaian, Nigerians, or other communities. Liberians in the Diaspora USA, Inc., or LID is a Liberian community platform that is changing the way our community is viewed by others and making us more visible so that we can take our rightful place in the eyes of community stakeholders.

Re-alignment of young Liberians toward Liberia:

Liberians in the Diaspora, USA Inc. (LID) is re-aligning our young Liberians toward Liberia. We recognized that for the sustainability and viability of Liberia, the young sons and daughters of Liberia who are born here and live here must be groomed, trained, and positioned for participation in its leadership and/ or development. Here in the diaspora, the next generation of Liberians must be immersed in the rich culture, tradition, history, and love for country, Liberia, while making their contributions to the American society, also. The young people who are born and raised here in America must be interfaced with Liberia to learn about the country, its history, culture, and people. We must come up with programs where the youths can be taken to Liberia to see the country, the land, the people, learn about their plight, and volunteer their time and meager resources to begin helping them. The Bible says, “Bring up the child the way ye wants him to go so that when he grows up, he will not depart from it”. How do we want our children to grow up? To happen, it has to be intentional. It will not happen by itself. If it is not done in the beginning, it will certainly not be done effectively in the end, by itself. When they are taken to Liberia, they can teach other children make sustainable friendships. All these will re-attached them to the motherland. That’s what other communities do. On the other hands, we can establish scholarship programs that will help other young people in Liberia come to the U. S for education and training, go back, and contribute to the development of the people there. That’s what other communities do.

Servant leadership and transformational development:

Servant leadership is the most reliable and best leadership model ever. Our community, here in the US and our country, Liberia, are suffering immensely due to lack of true servant leaders. Traditionally, our leaders promote their self-interest above the common interest. As a result, there is a lack of trust in leadership. Liberians in the Diaspora, USA Inc. (LID) is training and developing the next generation of servant leaders to serve and not be served, to give and not receive. We need transformational leaders who will empower their followers and develop other leaders to lead. Pastor John Maxwell once said, “Everything rises and falls with leadership”. Our community had fallen on bad leadership and is rising on good leadership

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together Liberian immigrants, Liberian-Americans and their descendants under one umbrella by promoting unity, cooperation, support, and development to empower them to contribute their quota to the American society, and their motherland, Liberia.

Our Value

We see ourselves as the leading and global Liberian organization that is a stakeholder and development partners in Liberia with the International community, existing Liberian government, and the Liberian people on the ground, in Liberia.

Our Core Values

We Value

  • Hard Work: Hard work is at the core of our lives
  • Integrity: We strive toward strong moral uprightness
  • Excellence: We pursue excellence in all that we do
  • Compassion: We understand that “all fingers are not equal”
  • Friendship: We do not live in isolation but co-exist with others
  • Honesty: We are just, fair, and open in our interactions
  • Trust: We see trust as the foundation for all relationships

Our Story


Liberia is a country located on the west coast of Africa. Liberia comes from a Latin word, “Libe” which means “free”. In Latin, Liberia, means “Land of the freed”. Liberia is a small country that covers an area of 111,369 sq. kilometers (43,000 sq. miles). Liberia has a population of 4,500,000. English is the official language and over 20 indigenous languages are spoken, representing the numerous tribes who make up the 95 percent of the population. The Republic of Liberia begins as a settlement of the America Colonization Society (ACS) since 1822 to settle freed slaves from America and the Caribbean. By 1847, the country declared her independence. The settlers formed the first Liberian government as Liberia begun statehood. The political and economic systems were controlled by one political party and one group of people, the settlers and their descendants known as “ Americo-Liberians.” For 133 years, they rule the country mainly to the exclusion of the indigenous or native people who made up 90 percent of the country.

On April 12, 1980, the government of Liberia was overthrown, giving way to a military government which subsequently won an election, changing itself to a civilian government. The government lasted until 1990 when it, too, was overthrown in a bloody civil war. The war killed over 200,000 people, displaced hundreds of thousands more internally.

Many Liberians fled the country as refugees to neighboring West African countries. Some of these refugees were granted permission to come to the United States as refugee by the U.S government. Other Liberians already residing in the U.S. before the civil war and after were given asylum by the U. S. government to stay in the United States. Other Liberian came to the U.S. as winners of the Diversity Visa Lottery under the auspices of the United States government. Descendants of these Liberians who are born in the U.S as Liberian-American by birth add to the numbers of Liberians in the US.

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Video from our 2016 launching and first anniversary program

Video from our 2016 launching and first anniversary program

Video from our 2016 launching and first anniversary program

Video from our 2016 launching and first anniversary program

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